Dear neosmart Stream Users, today we’ll have to bring you sad news, that we will stop working on neosmart STREAM. To 1st of December we will take this website and our facebook App offline.

Within the last months we reflected your feedback an thought about how we could proceed with neosmart STREAM. In the mean time external conditions changed and we had to stop development to 1st of August and a further development is impossible:

To 9th of March this year Landesgericht (court of Nordrhein Westfalen) Düsseldorf ruled in case Fall 12 O 151/15, Verbraucherschutzzentrale NRW against Fashion ID, that facebook Page Plugin isn’t allowed to be used anymore. Following the interpretation of several lawyers (here and here) the judgement affects all plugins sending personal data of users to third parties without having the beforehand permission of those users. As neosmart STREAM uses facebook and twitter APIs we cannot ensure or develop the main function of neosmart STREAM any longer in consideration of judgement.

Furthermore facebook lists needed activity Plugin as deprecated, stopped working on its own WordPress Plugin and published it as an Open Source project.

Till legally confirmation of jugdement we advise, based on recommendation of several lawyers, to set aside any facebook or twitter plugin and choose the two-click-solution.

In the end we would like to thank you again for using our plugin during the last years and we wish you continued success with your digital projects.

Your neosmart STREAM team

(August 2016)